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The Friends of Greenlawn Cemetery began during a casual lunch of three friends and their desire to help improve the city of Portsmouth, Ohio. The Cemetery was chosen not only for its need but also for its history, beauty, and serenity. The projects were, and still are, many but the funds were not there. A young board member suggested the idea of a reenactment of some kind as a fundraiser. Although somewhat daunting, everyone was up for the challenge. The first year the Story of Us performance sold out quickly and has grown each year.

The Story of Us is the story of the residents of Greenlawn Cemetery, the "silent city".

Greenlawn is home to over 80,000 graves with each deceased person having a story to tell. When the factual research began the stories kept flowing. One research project led to another and tales shared by ancestors led to others. The meticulously researched scripts are written, then performed by actors and actresses, some professional, some students, and some play their own relatives. The actor brings the person's story to life beside their tombstone. The history lessons are powerful and endless. We hope you will join us this October as we present an all-new drama.

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